jueves, 7 de julio de 2016


Authors' note: I guess that everything that happens was just rumors. Therefore, try not to take seriously this surrealistic story or it could have actually been real. But before starting the story, please, let's gonna have a break. I am coming in five minutes, or I am Svurshvat in five minutes, as the Bulgarians would say.

Ok, let's go, but I warn you that reading this could spoil everything. So, don't tell later “Don't spoil it” because it would be too late. But first, let's have another five minutes break.


Here I am, in my bureau, and I just receive a call from my mother and she told me to go to pick her up with the car. I answer that I would be there in five minutes, but I cannot because I have to write the report of the project. Anyhow, I will figure it out later. Let's go eat at the restaurant before this becomes excessively productive.

* * *

I have just received a call from the major and he is a bit pissed of... I think that a surprise visit tomorrow with a new 30 international youngsters will cheer him up. Yes, I am a good president. Wait, there is a new email:

Dear President Ignace,

We are writing this letter to you because we would like to thank you all the things you have made for us.

In the name of all the participants of the Project “Embrace Diversity”:

Thank you, my president.

You have made us Witnesses of Diversity. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have had the funniest week of the year, even, for some of us, the best nights of our lives.

You have taught us the value and power of inside jokes, and that even when everything can be just rumors, the unexpected situations can be as real as if they were perfectly arranged. But don't spoil things and let's start from the beginning.