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daCi 2015, THANKS

daCi 2015, THANKS

I usually like to presume about my writing skills. Expressing my reality, what I feel, what I perceive, what I think, as accurate and lively as possible is one of the activities that thrilled and fulfilled me. But this time, it is very difficult for me to put into words the immense feeling of gratitude that expands from my chest. daCi Congress 2015 has given me six days that fall under the category of best experiences of my life. Thank you very much for a week filled with days of endless dance and wonderful people all around me.


I wouldn’t like to name any person due to the fragility of the memory and its tendency to forget really important contributors. Everyone has given me the opportunity of transform this previous week in an incredible experience. Taking the risk of forgetting someone, I will just mention their role in the congress. Thank you so much to all the participants, organizers, facilitators, assistants, volunteers, desk attendants; kitchen, cleaning workers…that have made this event possible. That have made it part of my reality. That have achieved that daCi 2015 has become in an amazingly fruitful and wonderful experience.

As a facilitator in the creative meeting points, my role in the congress has been to help a group of almost thirty amazing dancers to create a specific site performance in record time. I sincerely think that this group of youngsters has taught me infinitely more than what I have taught them. Thanks to them, I know how a bunch of unknown teenagers from different countries, cultures and backgrounds are able to collaborate together in order to produce a piece of art. Moreover, more importantly, I have witnessed how friendship can germinate, growth and flourish as fast as the artistic creation when cooperation and trust are their soil. Thousand thanks to all the components of the group Urban 3 for this journey that we have walked together.

Besides, I have had the opportunity of attending to lots of workshops and performances every day. Infinite thanks to all the dancers that have shared their knowledge, experience, research, and products in such an open and sincere way with us. Thanks to the organizers, whose work and responsibility in this congress spread way further from my sight. Thanks to the facilitators and assistant that have become my friendly and supportive colleagues for a week. Thanks to all the invisible people that were the gears of the event, making all the practicalities become a complete success (info desk, cleaning and kitchen team, backstage workers). And, undoubtedly, thanks to all the participants, children, teachers, choreographers and parents that have come from so many different points of the world to enjoy and share their love for dance, maintaining in lots of occasions wonderful conversations with this Spanish guy that was always around. Without any of you, this whole event wouldn’t have work.

I sincerely believe that I have tried to influence positively in the whole dynamic and mood of the congress. I hope you get some of the vibrations I sent by smiling to all the participants and workers that I encountered, and high-fiving most of them. Fearlessly, I can affirm that this whole experience has hugely helped me in my professional development as a dancer and as a teacher. In addition, I am sure that I have been extremely happy and fulfilled during this week taking out the best of myself and achieving my best me.

Nameless thanks to daCi Congress 2015 for this unforgettable experience.

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